Advanced training course for Lao vocational trainers in Weiherhammer

Exchange of knowledge is a crucial part of the Recruitment and Training Program. Therefore BHS Corrugated did not only send German trainers to Laos, but also invited two Lao vocational trainers in 2017 to do an eight weeks advanced training course on the UeBZO training department.

Phonesavanh Chachueyang (mechanical section) and Phonesouk Inthaxay (electrical section) were selected by executives of BHS Corrugated and the Lao-German Technical College, to be the first Lao trainers to be sent to Weiherhammer. The UeBZO set up an individual training program, which is based on the train the trainer approach. The pedagogical part of the training program contains an introduction in the German dual training system and the specific UeBZO system in theory and practice for both trainers.

The mechanical training focuses on technical content in basic skills, machine operation (especially CNC) and pneumatic-hydraulic circuits. The electrical training focuses on PLC basics, project work, industrial engineering and control engineering. Besides the training in the UeBZO facilities, both trainers will also work in the BHS production facilities, where they can directly apply the technical skills learned in the training department.

BHS Corrugated wishes all the best for the weeks ahead to Phonesavanh and Phonesouk. We would like to thank the UeBZO training department for the individual training program and the ongoing support.

A post about their stay in Germany can be found on the blog together with the University of Education Karlsruhe. Further pictures can be found here.