Vocational orientation for secondary school students

From 22 to 24 August, 42 pupils had the opportunity to become acquainted with the training occupations of industrial electrician and machine and plant operator within the Recruitment and Training Programme of BHS Corrugated at Lao-German Technical College. In the programme sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, graduates of the Ban Phang Heng secondary school supported by Angels for Children are given the opportunity of free, three-year vocational training at the Lao-German Technical College and in in-company training.

During the three days the students had to take various tests: English conversation, spatial imagination, geometry, as well as in practical skills and dexterity. On the last day, the participants were able to express their motivation for training and relevant previous knowledge in a concluding job interview. BHS Corrugated was supported by the ÜBZO: Sonja Prüll, Head of Universities/Research/International Affairs, conducted the methodological tests and job interviews. Special thanks are also due to Mr. Outh Sinminar and Mr. Tee Inthavong, apprentices in the Recruitment and Training Programme in the first and second year of training, who actively helped on the days; and Mrs. Bouangeun Hanthavong from the Angels for Children Foundation.

After evaluation of the test results, 32 pupils will receive the scholarships for vocational training; the training programme will begin at the beginning of October. BHS Corrugated supports a total of 105 Lao apprentices in three training years within the Recruitment and Training Programme at the Lao-German Technical College. In cooperation with the Angels for Children Foundation, a smooth transition from school to vocational education and ultimately secure employment is guaranteed in order to break the vicious circle of poverty and poor education.

We wish all apprentices a good start into the new training year 2018/19!