BHS Corrugated

BHS Corrugated is the world’s largest provider of solutions for the Corrugated Industry.

The main characteristics include competence, innovation and a passionate commitment to excellence, thus making BHS Corrugated a strong and reliable partner in the industry. BHS Corrugated supports customers every step of the way in more than 26 countries, with almost 1700 employees. BHS Corrugated delivers more than just machines. BHS Corrugated delivers performance and productivity. Any time. Anywhere.

The delivery of more than 400 complete corrugators around the world highlights the expertise in developing, installing and servicing equipment for a wide range of markets – a comprehensive pool of experience rounded out by the delivery and installation of hundreds of wet-ends and dry-ends and thousands of individual units in nearly 100 countries.

BHS Corrugateds’ customers are successful high-performers and well prepared for the future.

BHS Corrugated is proud to be a longtime partner for their customers and will also continue to support them with trend-setting solutions in the future.