BHS Corrugated offers annually vocational scholarships to graduates of the lower secondary school Ban Phang Heng supported by the foundation Angels for Children and the high school Naxaythong, both in Naxaythong district, Vientiane capital.

Interested graduates of the schools can apply by handing in their final examination results and will then be invited for interviews in August every year. The interviews will be conducted in Ban Phang Heng together with teachers of the Lao-German Technical College. After the selection, the students will join a preparation course for the vocational training (English, Lao, Physics, Math), taking place in the lower secondary school Ban Phang Heng and conducted by the teachers there.

At the end of August, they will receive the registration documents for the Lao-German Technical College and the vocational training contract by BHS Corrugated. The contract is an adaption of a regular German vocational training contract, which includes obligations and duties of the student, the vocational school and the company. Within the scholarship every student receives:

  • Vocational training free of charge at the Lao-German Technical College (registration & examination fees, fixed rates for consumable material, workwear (once)
  • Vocational training pay monthly
  • Accidental insurance free of charge
  • Additional training equipment and tools
  • Additional English training by German volunteer teachers
  • Joint projects with German trainers
  • Organized in-company internship in the 6th semester

Benefits are tied to responsibilities of each apprentice, such as tidiness, punctuality, regular attendance and examination results each semester.