University of Education Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe University of Education was established in its present form in 1962. Attended by 3.700 students and 180 researchers, the University provides a high standard in research and teaching in the field of education, with a focus on subject and age-group specific teaching and learning methodology as well as on educational processes in social, cultural and institutional contexts.

The University offers a teacher training programme for primary and lower-secondary school, including the “Europalehramt” (bilingual teaching) programme, which qualifies teachers to teach other specialist subjects in either French or English. In addition to the teacher training programmes, the University offers B.A. and M.A. programmes in the field of education as well as the possibility to carry out doctoral and post-doctoral research. The profile of the institution as a whole emphasises European cultural studies, intercultural education, plurilingualism and media education. The University works closely with partner universities in many other countries and offers exchange opportunities for both students and lecturers.

Prof. Dr. Isabel Martin, Professor for English language and didactics at the University set up with the foundation Angels for Children in 2015 the English teacher training project “Teaching English in Laos” at the three governmental schools supported by the foundation, documented on the academic blog “The Laos Experience”. The project aims to support Lao students and teachers in improving their English language competences and to provide educational, didactic and methodical training for teaching English as a foreign language to the teachers at the same time. The pilot phase with five volunteer graduates (“Team I”) from the University took place from October 2015 until January 2016. At the final conference at the end of the pilot phase, the decision was made to continue the project. During the next phase (“Team II“) in spring 2016 the plan also to integrate the Lao-German Technical College within the project was developed, after an inquiry by the school.

From September 2016 on the Lao-German Technical College was integrated as the first partner school of Teaching English in Laos. Two volunteers (out of “Team III”) worked at the school from September 2016 until January 2017 by offering English language lessons to trainers and English teachers of the school and English lessons for the apprentices of BHS Corrugated. Due to the high demand for English skills, the project leaders decided to extend the number of volunteers at the Lao-German Technical College to three (“Team IV”). The next group of volunteers (Team V) will start at the Lao-German Technical College in September 2017.